eCQM Certification

Organizations that rely on data from systems certified through NCQA’s eCQM Certification program can be confident that systems have gone through the industry’s most rigorous assessment of whether they provide accurate data.

Accurate Data are Important

The NCQA eCQM Certification program evaluates how well electronic systems calculate electronic clinical quality measures (eCQM) using electronic clinical data.

Health plans, provider organizations and others rely on accurate data to make decisions about value-based contracting. By earning eCQM Certification from NCQA, organizations can say their system has undergone the industry’s most rigorous assessment. Reporting is more accurate for these systems than systems not certified by NCQA.

NCQA’s eCQM test methodology is the only approved ONC test tool alternative to the Project Cypress system. Learn more on NCQA’s ONC Health IT Testing web page.

Who Is Eligible?

Most systems that collect eCQMs or aggregate health data at any level are eligible, including, but not limited to:

  • Data intermediaries.
  • Electronic health records (EHR).
  • Health information exchanges (HIE).
  • All-payer claims databases (APCD).
  • Qualified clinical data registries (QCDR).


  • Data submitted to health plans for use in NCQA’s HEDIS® reporting which supports NCQA programs and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Stars ratings. Certified data in the approved QRDA format can be used as standard supplemental data and added to other records to calculate HEDIS measures at the health plan level.
  • Demonstrate accuracy to your customers. NCQA eCQM Certification helps ensure data integrity—vital in value-based contract arrangements.
  • Help your customers become more efficient. Reduces the burden on health plans while improving data.
  • In the future, practices seeking NCQA PCMH recognition will have the option to submit electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) to NCQA in support of their recognition process. The list of measures from which to choose can be found in the Quality Measures Crosswalk.

How It Works

  • NCQA creates unique sets of sample data, or “test decks,” for each eCQM, developed from randomly generated synthetic patient-level test data.
  • You process a test deck using your measure code. NCQA compares measure results to expected results, to determine if your software’s code computes the measure correctly. Multiple test decks are available for each measure, so you can correct errors.
  • A measure is NCQA-Certified when it passes certification. You receive a final certification report and seal to distribute to health plans, potential clients and Certified Auditors to demonstrate your achievement.

Get Certified

Interested in becoming an NCQA-Certified vendor? The first step is completing an application and signing a one-year certification agreement. Request an application through My NCQA. Select “eCQM Certification” as the product/program type.

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