IDSS Redesign

Beginning with HEDIS 2021, HEDIS measure data will be collected in the new format through the updated IDSS system. With this new format, the data elements under the measures will be more relational, modular, reusable and meaningfully named and structured. Measures with different stratifications will have data points gathered in groups such as age, gender and socio-economic status.

The submission file redesign has four goals:

  1. Make measure data elements more relational, modular and meaningfully named (eliminate unique variable names) to align with Volume 2 descriptions.
  2. Create a stronger schema with validations to collect allowed data elements under various stratifications.
  3. Standardize the measure structure that clearly segregates metadata and stratification data and
    allows the inclusion of rates, if needed, specifically at the total and subtotal levels.
  4. Collect only plan reported data elements (i.e., do not collect IDSS calculated data elements).
    The proposed structure will have a MeasureCode with Metadata, Metric/Rate Name sections, with a stratification subsection for respective stratifications, if applicable, and a data subsection to collect plan-provided values. Results and other NCQA calculated values will be provided in the redesigned results file.


NCQA invites HEDIS stakeholders to provide feedback during the Interactive Data Submission System (IDSS) Redesign Pilot. The Pilot Testing period will take place from August 3 – September 30, 2020.

NCQA wants customers to use and provide feedback on IDSS Version 2 before its official launch (spring 2021):

  • Navigate and explore IDSS.
  • Upload/download data files.
  • Review and download validation files and reports.
  • Explore end-to-end workflow.
  • Explore user management.

For the pilot, NCQA will provide test files, but customers are strongly encouraged to convert their MY2019 results and test with those files. 

CAHPS and HOS survey vendors will receive instructions on which test files to use.

Submit questions and comments about the IDSS Redesign Pilot to My NCQA.

Submission Files

Schema Files

Mapping Files

Results Files

Test Files

Data Dictionary


Supporting Documents

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