Guidelines for Corporate Sponsorship

These guidelines apply to any sponsorship program.

Acceptance of Funds

General Principles

  1. We accept corporate funds only for programs or activities that are consistent with our mission and vision. We do not have relationships with organizations or industries whose principles, policies or conduct obviously conflict with our values.
  2. Corporate relationships must preserve trust in NCQA and the credibility and objectivity of our information, priorities, programs and decisions.

Special Guidelines

  1. We maintain objectivity and independence with respect to any activities developed, sponsored or supported by corporate funds. We do not permit influence by corporate sponsors beyond the usual input we seek from stakeholders.
  2. We may accept funds from corporations to support the development, enhancement or implementation of NCQA programs.
  3. Corporate funding for NCQA program development includes the following conditions:
    1. We seek corporate funding for specific activities from multiple sources when possible.
    2. Acceptance of corporate funding for program development is with the understanding that we must maintain our objectivity and commitment to a quality result. A sponsor’s preferences regarding program design, content or policies may not be reflected in the program.
    3. Under some circumstances, and with NCQA’s approval, corporate sponsors may attend as non-voting observers at events we organize to gather stakeholder input on programs being developed. Attending sponsors must comply with our policies on disclosure and conflicts of interest.
  4. We may consider the results of research studies, test results or other information from corporate sponsors, as well as from other external experts who may help inform NCQA staff on issues to be addressed in the program development process.
  5. We may accept a corporate sponsor’s provision of in-kind expertise to assist with specific tasks. Examples include market research, data analysis or testing, provided that all such in-kind expertise complies with NCQA policies on disclosure and conflicts of interest.
  6. Acceptance of corporate funds does not imply NCQA endorsement of a company’s products, services, programs or activities.
  7. We will not accept charitable contributions from any organization whose primary line of business NCQA accredits, certifies or recognizes. We make exceptions for limited contributions to NCQA’s annual Quality Talks, Digital Quality Summit or other programs and events that may be approved by the Board of Directors from time to time.
  8. We may accept charitable contributions for our annual Quality Talks event or other events from an organization whose nonprimary line of business NCQA has accredited, certified or recognized. An organization whose primary line of business is accredited, certified or recognized may contribute to these events not to exceed $25,000 annually.
  9. We do not accept funds from any life sciences, medical device manufacturer and/or biotechnology entity for development of any performance measures. This includes field-testing of measures.
  10. We recognize corporate sponsors in our events, annual report, website and as appropriate to the sponsorship arrangement.
  11. We retain the right to approve the use of NCQA’s name and logo, as well as language sponsors use to describe sponsorship agreements.
  12. NCQA retains independence and control over all programs, projects or products bearing the NCQA name, logo or trademarks. This includes use of NCQA intellectual property such as accreditation standards or HEDIS® measures.
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